Demo V06 Update- All dogs playable in new Arena mode!

This update includes a number of game refinements along with combat and enemy polish. It also adds an arena mode where you can play as all four dogs and added a Punishing difficulty mode. See full notes for details.

This demo update does not contain the rest of the mission that has been created to keep it as a short taste of the full game.

New Features

  • Arena Mode!
    • Jump into a combat arena and face off against waves of enemies in a pure combat challenge.
    • Enemy spawns are randomized with some procedural rules so it will go on infinitely!
    • Arena also features new enemies! They only appear on later waves
  • All dogs are playable in Arena mode!
    • In the arena you can select your player to battle the monsters.
    • All four dogs are mechanically the same, It’s only a thematic change.
    • Skye and Pebble also got a few visual updates with unique gear
  • New minimal hud
    • Many elements only appear when they are relevant
    • Health numbers faded and visual noise reduced
  • New hard difficulty mode
  • Two new weapons in Arena mode
    • The shurikens and whirling blade are available to play with in Arena mode.
  • 4 New Enemies
    • Hardened Biters with an outer shell you have to crack, heavy attacks are more effective.
    • Leapers, small enemies that attack in long jumps.
    • Spikers which attack in a radius and resist staggering requiring a few more hits to interrupt them
    • Stringers tiny flying enemies that attempt to dive bomb the player, vulnerable to only a single hit


  • Lights attacks got a nerf, now dealing 20, down from 30 damage. This changes the basic enemies breakpoint to 6 hits instead of 4. Or you can kill them in  5 if you hit every attack in the light chain.
  • Many attacks and actions have been sped up to give combat a quicker pace
  • Enemy Aggro reworked to be more computationally efficient and account for both the player and NPCs and aggro redirection during combat
  • Enemies will also aggro nearby enemies when triggered by ranged damage
  • Skipping cutscenes now has a 1.5 second hold with a gui element
  • A number of physics efficiencies with layers and colliders were tweaked for performance
  • Many scripts and objects were tweaked to reduce draw calls and help with memory management
  • Sprinting now adjusts the FOV for a more speedy look.
  • Optimized damage system to be significantly more efficient and modular with its internal code
  • Added billboard LOD models for many trees missing them
  • Camera dynamic adjustments are more robust and do not pass through as many objects while keeping the player in view
  • Number of refinements to combat with enemy and player timings, physics and movement.
  • Added drag and friction to many objects and states to prevent the player and enemies from sliding in some scenarios.
  • Ranged enemies now have a limited angle of attack so they don't shoot through themselves


  • Touched up bash damage triggers to more consistently stun and push enemies
  • Fixed players being able to run up some steep angled geometry with little issue
  • Reworked many aspects of physics that were causing players to be bounced or launched around in certain conditions
  • Added considerations for the player ontop of enemies so you will slide off quickly instead of floating.

Known Issues

  • Some performance issues on older machines are likely going to be still present, trying setting things to low and turning off grass in the settings
  • Enemies in some hard to reproduce situations track the player during an attack animation when its not intended
  • Menu GUIs are still rough, another pass will need to be made to get their look and function to a good level.
  • Sometimes the boss can push the player into the ground, I added a catch to correct this for now.
  • The boss can sometimes have trouble with being targeted by ranged weapons, causing them to miss and hang in the air.

v06-1  hotfix was uploaded to fix potential soft locks on later waves in the Arena mode.

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Nov 14, 2020

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